About Caleb Ministries

Celebrating 34 years of God’s faithfulness.

Over the years, our volunteers have been encouraged and blessed to watch as God comforts and restores broken and hurting women through Caleb Ministries and its Outreach Ministries.

It has been a journey orchestrated by God.

On Sunday August 5, 1990, Sandy Day was sitting in her church choir loft when God placed a burden in her heart. Her heart ached to share God’s comfort with women like herself who had suffered deep, painful losses.  In 1988 Craig and Sandy had experienced God’s comfort during the loss of their precious son, Caleb.  In the days that followed, both she and her husband gave prayerful consideration to the organization of a ministry to others who were experiencing sorrow.  That ministry would be named in memory of their much loved and missed son.

In the early days of Caleb Ministries, Sandy had many opportunities to travel and share her testimony of God’s comfort through His Word.  Sandy’s transparent truthfulness about her struggles impacted the lives of countless women who have attended these conferences and retreats.

After only one year of ministry, Caleb Ministries expanded to include a personal one-on-one ministry to women who had experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, early infant death or infertility.  The story of Caleb in Numbers 13 and 14 from which the name Caleb Cares emerged, provided insight for this ministry to the sorrowing.  It was at this time that Caleb Ministries became a 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian organization.

Even as Sandy was ministering to other women, God continued His convicting work in her life.  Through His Word, God showed her that in order to minister to others, she would have to allow every area of her life to be exposed to the light of His truth.  God continually exposed hidden areas that required her repentant confession in her growing walk with God.  As she responded to God’s refining fire, the ministry grew with her.

In 1993, two years into the ministry of Caleb Cares, Sandy compiled nine stories of individuals who had experienced the loss of a child and received God’s restoring grace into the book entitled “Morning Will Come.”  Letters and emails continually flood our boxes from around the world in how this book has ministered to countless women.

In was the summer of 1995, God brought still another dimension to Caleb Ministries. God led nine women to call the ministry who had lost babies, each indicating that they had experienced a prior abortion. As Sandy ministered to these women she realized God wanted to use her own abortion, at age 19, to help other women. In response to God’s conviction, Sandy confessed her abortion to her father, opening the door for complete family restoration. Through this difficult time, God prepared Sandy to talk publicly about the short and long-term affects of abortion. Her story exposes long held secrets and touches those who hear of the forgiving power of God.

A second manuscript used by Caleb Ministries was completed in 1998.  The devotional journal, The Memories I Cherish, was developed by Sandy Day together with Donna Elyea.  This beautifully presented keepsake provides a place to record the journey of ones walk with God through the time of ones loss in order to remember and encourage their trust and gratitude in the years to come.

The P.A.T. (Providing A Treasure) Ministry began with a passion to assist a grieving woman or couple in a loving, yet practical way. The P.A.T. box includes a burial gown, bonnet, blanket, as well as a Caleb Cares brochure, an envelope to hold a lock of the baby’s hair, and a copy of Morning Will Come. These items are wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and tucked in a precious box that parents will treasure through the years. P.A.T. boxes are provided to hospitals and funeral homes across the US, and make their way into the arms of those who, tragically, have no child to bring home. The boxes are also available by individual request.

Abbey’s Place, our post-abortion ministry, got underway in 1999. Its goal is to provide support and guidance to women who are struggling with the guilt, pain, and grief of a past abortion decision. Our hope is that each person God sends to us will achieve spiritual and emotional restoration through Christ. Toward that end, a third book Sandy wrote to minister particularly to this growing segment of the population. The book, Living in His Forgiveness, presents stories of men and women who have successfully moved past their pain to find freedom. An accompanying Bible study guides the seeking heart to discover God’s redeeming truth. This book is available through Caleb Ministries or your local Christian bookstore (Focus Publishing).

In August of 1999, Craig Day followed his call to seminary, moving with his family to California.  The ministry continually grew by leaps and bounds. It is a blessing to see God use technology to distribute much-needed assistance on-line as our website was formed during these day while in CA!  Craig graduated from The Master’s Seminary in May 2002 and is now pastoring through counseling in Caleb Counseling in the Charlotte, NC area. Check out that website at calebcounseling.org

Since its beginnings in 1990, Caleb Ministries has flourished as God has led us as individuals, as an international ministry with faithful men and women, hand-picked by the Father, serve as Board of Directors, ministry coordinators, and volunteers. We count it a privilege to continually help women who are struggling with difficult seasons and situations and to nurture them in the ways of the Lord, the only One who can truly help and heal.

Craig and Sandy Day

Craig and Sandy

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