Loss of Baby

A Word from Sandy Day… President and Founder of Caleb Ministries along with her husband Craig.

A Word from Sandy Day… President and Founder of Caleb Ministries along with her husband Craig.

Over the past years I have been encouraged and blessed by seeing God comfort the women who have been woven in and out of Caleb Ministries and its Outreach Ministries. On August 5, 1990, while sitting in the choir at my church, God laid on my heart a need to speak to women about their losses, especially after the stillbirth of our son, Caleb, in 1988. My husband and I prayed about a name for the ministry, and we both thought of Caleb Ministries. The Ministry initially started as a speaking ministry.

Over the years God has birthed several Outreach Ministries, and one of them is Caleb Cares. Caleb Cares is about helping women who have experienced infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, and early infant death. Over past years God has brought us thousands of women who need the ear of a friend and the comfort that only Jesus Christ can give them through His Word. It has been astounding to hear the calls, emails, and letters that we receive from women all over the world that have benefited from our materials, books, P.A.T. Boxes and our radio programs. We thank the Lord for His plan for this ministry and for those who take their time to help others who have had similar losses.

If you are reading this letter and had a loss, you may be asking yourself some of these questions:

How do you cope with the emotional and physical roller coaster of trying unsuccessfully to conceive a child month after month? Do you need help dealing with the disappointment?

If you’ve had a miscarriage, are you wondering where you’ll get the strength to try again? Is it difficult to hope for a child when you’ve already experienced the loss of one?

Do you know what it’s like to carry a child and to feel it move? Do you need help bearing the pain of loving that child in your womb and coming home with empty arms?

Early Infant Death (up to six months)
Do you ever get over those feelings of hopelessness and paralyzed grief? How do you know when and if the time is right to have another child?

Caleb Cares is about helping women with these and other kinds of questions. If you have lost your baby or you are unable to conceive, please know that we are here and have personally done this web site just for you. If you have a prayer request, please know when you send it, it will be prayed for. Also, I have written several books and Bible studies that may be of encouragement to you.

Please know our prayers are with you during these days.

By His Grace,

Psalm 16:11

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